What To Do

Euphonia Villa Porto Heli

Experience the magic of Porto Heli beyond Villa Euphonia – from sandy beaches and ancient ruins to vibrant islands and gastronomic delights, Porto Heli has something for everyone. Here are a few suggestions for a truly unforgettable visit:

Water Sports:

Porto Heli is renowned for its crystal-clear waters, making it an ideal location for water sports like sailing, scuba diving, water skiing, and windsurfing.

Spetses Island:

Just a short boat ride from Porto Heli, Spetses Island offers picturesque beaches, stylish restaurants, and a vibrant nightlife. Don’t miss the chance to explore its charming old town and historic sites, including a visit to the Bouboulina Museum.

Bike Touring:

For the land lovers, bike tours around Porto Heli provide an opportunity to appreciate the town’s beauty at your own pace. The coastal routes are particularly scenic.

Explore Ancient Epidaurus:

Known for its ancient theater with amazing acoustics, Epidaurus is a must-visit destination. You can also discover the sanctuary of Asclepius, the god of medicine in ancient Greek religion.

Visit Nafplion:

Known as one of the most beautiful towns in the area of Argolis, Nafplion is steeped in history. You can explore the Palamidi Fortress and appreciate stunning views of the town and the sea.

Wine Tasting:

The Peloponnese region is famous for its wines. A wine tasting tour in local vineyards can be a delightful excursion, pairing fine wines with stunning landscapes.

Hiking Trails:

Explore the diverse flora and fauna of Porto Heli on its numerous hiking trails, including paths through olive groves and pine forests, as well as along stunning coastal routes.

Visit the Ruins of Halieis:

Close to Porto Heli, the ruins of the ancient city of Halieis offer an opportunity to step back in time and appreciate the area’s rich history.